The Family Grill East Indian Porcelain

If you are interested in 17th century Chinese porcelain, or Swedish history then this book is a must read.

“During the eighteen hundred century the Family Grill was very much engaged in exporting from and importing into Sweden. The Swedish East India Company´s activity was one of their spheres of interest, all from delivery ships and cargoes to acting as directors of the Company to buy wares imported from China and sell those within Europe.

To secure a positive progress, the family was careful to, as far as possible, keep the activity within the family, with people that married into the family and with close friends. In this way they covered the family’s most important trading center – Stockholm, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, London, Sebutal in Portugal and Canton in China. This of course made it also easy to have a pretty large scale import, intended to remain within the family.”

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