Cleive Hornstrand Thesis and Publications

Storm över öknen (Probus, Stockholm 1991)

Co-author on the Gulf war

Law of Armed Conflict versus Human Rights Law – University of Stockholm 2000

I don´t want the expression ”military necessity” to hide laxity or indifference – it is often used in situations in which it would be more correct to speak of ”military convenience” or even ”personal convenience”
( General Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1944 )

Law of Armed Conflict vs Human Rights – War vs Peace – The Protection of Human Beings
– University of Stockholm 2000

Appendix 5 – The Investigation

Military Necessity – PM in International Law, Armed Forces National Defence College 1999

The Family Grill East Indian Porcelain (2013)

40 years of research by Cleive and Charlotte culminated in the release of this book, often cited by auction houses and antique dealers.